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Control Vs. Protection


This is an interesting conversation. It brings up the question of control versus protection. Are using parental controls really being controlling or is it merely protecting your child from content that you don’t want them to have free reign over?

Control: dictation, “my way or the highway”, Making up rules and regulations out of thin air with no explanation or reasoning.

Protection: having rules and guidelines and explaining why they are in place. Keeping your children out of poor situations so they aren’t tempted.

There will come a time in their life when they will have to deal with temptation. But, if we do our jobs as parents, they will have been trained in the way they should go and they’ll stick to it (that’s biblical people).

“Because I said so”… not a valid response, unless of coarse you would like your children to rebel.


Whatcha Think?

Until we meet again,
Emily Anna


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Thrifty Thursday

Today Ms Dani is bringing us another video. I”m sorry if there is a weird lag between the video and audio. She’s done a great review on a bunch of different cosmetic foundations. Check it out!

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No sew tutu-torial

My little Beeb is going as a cupcake for our Fall Costume Carnival at church. I made a simple no sew tutu for the costume… and here’s how!

What you’ll need:

  • Tulle in your desired color(s)
  • Elastic for the waist band
  • Tape measure
  •  Scissors
  • Something to hold the waistband

I used two shades for brown for this project. I think the tones add a little interest to the skirt. Anyways, cut your tulle into small strips, one to two inches wide and twice a long as you want your tutu to be. I also made one of my shades a little longer then the other, again for interest.

Measure  the and cut your elastic to fit the waist. Tie it off with a square knot.

Slip the elastic around something to hold it while you tie on the tulle. I used a formula container. 🙂

Take your first strip of tulle and fold it in half.

Insert under the elastic fold down.

Now, tuck your ends over the elastic and into the loop.

Pull tight. And repeat. I alternated my colors and squished ’em pretty close together. Experiment and see what you like to get the look you want.


Until we meet again,
Emily Anna

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