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Mission Monday

Easiest rack ever!


I used to have all of our scarves, belts, hats, and things of that sort in a plastic three drawer storage thingy that was tucked in our closet. Very difficult to get to and almost impossible to see everything. I chose to use the plastic storage for Madeline’s toys in the living room. This left all of the previously stored items on our bedroom floor.

I was inspired by a picture I saw on another blog, but of coarse cannot find now.

This a branch from my back yard, some scrap fabric, and two monkey hooks.


I found the branch and broke off all the little twigs. You may want to use snips to cut the twigs of nice and close. I just snapped them off and they have been snagging my scarves.

After measuring what height I wanted the rack to hang at I cut the scraps of fabric, braided them and tied them to the branch. Placed the monkey hooks into the ceiling and hung the fabric.

I also took a baby formula canister and glued some more fabric scraps to that. I now use it for bandannas.

Hope this inspires you!

Until we meet again,
Emily Anna

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A while back my Mr put up a shelf in our bathroom. It’s so handy but it was ugly. Raw wood, everything just kinda piled onto it and it was getting rather dusty. So, that became my next task. I wanted to make it pretty and, well, organized.

Task #1- Finishing off the shelf.
Contact paper! Enough said.

Task #2- Organize.
I wanted some pretty decorative baskets and they needed to be really                      sturdy so making cloth ones wasn’t a good option. What do I have                              that’s  sturdy? Diaper boxes! How do I make ’em pretty? Wall paper!                          Yep, I covered diaper boxes with wallpaper. Here is the result. I’m                             pretty happy  with it.


All of my laundry supplies are nice and handy but not being ugly. I brought my nice towels out of the bathroom closet and displayed them. I still even have an empty box… for now. Everything else is Dollar Tree basket-ed in the closet. First-aid, hair stuff, wash cloths, not nice towels, and-so-on.

So, if you need storage boxes and you don’t have a little one in diapers, find a mommy who does. =)

Until we meet again,
Emily Anna

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Mission Monday!

I’ve accomplished something!
I worked on my kitchen pantry and my bathroom.
Of coarse Madeline was helping.

Now I’m not going to say my tactics have been ground breaking but they have worked well.  We’ve been living with the improvements and they have made the kitchen a little easier.

Here is the pantry before.

Kinda of a jumbled mess.

I took some items out and gave them a new home. Someplace more suitable. Med’s are now in the bathroom closet, pet treats are now in the pet box under the sink, Chemicals are in a tote under the sink.

I measured the space I have on the shelves and went to the Dollar Tree (what a great place). I purchased a few baskets that fit on my shelves and “re” arranged the food. Dinner, snacks, baby food, ect.

This is the end result. Much easier to find things. =)

You just need to try and work with the space you have. The baskets are wonderful because the shelves are deep. Things can get lost in the back, but now I just pull the out the tray and I can see everything.

Try to put things in the most practical place. Now that Madeline is getting into the cupboards, having the cleaning stuff on the bottom shelf  is just not a good plan. Now they are in a closed container in a baby proofed cabinet.

Happy organizing!

Until we meet again,
Emily Anna

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Well friends, it’s “Mission Monday” and I have nothing big to share with you. Surprise surprise! I have made a little progress on my kitchen pantry, but there isn’t much food in there. We’ll see how it looks after I grocery shop. =)

To tide you over until I have something worth showing you myself I’ve found these two great tutorials. I will hopefully be incorporating them into my Organization mission.

Hanging Fabric Basket…. LOVE! This is going in my bathroom!

Soft Box Tutorial. These can get kind of expensive when you buy them in the store. This way you know they’ll match perfectly!

I will have something done for you myself next week. =)

Until we meet again,
Emily Anna

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