The Mountain


I woke up on top of a mountain
Feeling brave and fierce today
Set to conquer whatever lay before me
Seemed as nothing could stand in my way

The warm morning sun shone around
The breeze gently swept cross my skin
A song from the nature surrounding
Harmonized with the song from within

Took my first step toward the morning
And the mountain began to break
As it crumbled my courage just left me
And I braced for the ride I would take

Carried down with tumbling boulders
Rocks scraping at every side
I longed for a cave to appear
Where I could find refuge and hide

Yes, covered in darkness and quiet
That is where I’d like to be
Tucked away from all of the challenges
That are out there facing me

As I rolled down, feeling helpless
I treasured how I felt before
All at once the strength resurfaced
I cried out, “That’s enough, NO MORE!”

Scoured for something to grip to
Ending that awful decent
Reestablished my foothold and spirit
Stood to reclaim what was spent

The avalanche slowed a trickle
Set my course for where I had been
Taking note of how far I had slipped
Intent it won’t happen again

Once more on top of the mountain
Renewed by the view from the peak
I scene a whisper in my heart
“Well done, challenge one is complete”

-Emily D