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No sew tutu-torial

My little Beeb is going as a cupcake for our Fall Costume Carnival at church. I made a simple no sew tutu for the costume… and here’s how!

What you’ll need:

  • Tulle in your desired color(s)
  • Elastic for the waist band
  • Tape measure
  •  Scissors
  • Something to hold the waistband

I used two shades for brown for this project. I think the tones add a little interest to the skirt. Anyways, cut your tulle into small strips, one to two inches wide and twice a long as you want your tutu to be. I also made one of my shades a little longer then the other, again for interest.

Measure  the and cut your elastic to fit the waist. Tie it off with a square knot.

Slip the elastic around something to hold it while you tie on the tulle. I used a formula container. 🙂

Take your first strip of tulle and fold it in half.

Insert under the elastic fold down.

Now, tuck your ends over the elastic and into the loop.

Pull tight. And repeat. I alternated my colors and squished ’em pretty close together. Experiment and see what you like to get the look you want.


Until we meet again,
Emily Anna

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Family Trip

I am so excited! We leave early tomorrow morning for a family vacation. So, no posts for a few days and pictures when I return!

Until we meet again,
Emily Anna

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Whatcha Think? Wednesday

Whatcha Think? Wednesday.

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“It’s so beautiful!”

That’s what the newly six-year-old Little Lady said after she slowly inspected her new “big girl” room. Six hours of work. After I sat down from setting the last detail and took one breath, Silena walked through the door. But, I’ll just sht up and show you what we did.

Here is the before.

And the after!

We painted the room a beautiful yellow called Whimsical Fairy Lily

Added a reading corner

The one and only time she was allowed to jump on her bed =)

Happy Birthday Silena!

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Sorry that there is nothing exciting to look at yet. I am working on getting this whole website thing tweaked and presentable. 😉

I can however let you in on my posting plan! The following is the daily posting schedule that will begin soon… hopefully.

Mission Mondays~ I will be taking on the mission to organize my home. In doing so I will post my progress. Partially to hold myself accountable to actually doing it, and partially to share the nifty little ideas that I come up with or find in the process.

Tips and Tidbits Tuesdays~ I will be sharing links to helpful and cute things!

Whatcha Think? Wednesdays~ Time for some opinions! I will share and article or topic of interest, way on it myself and of course see what YOU have to say. Let the friendly debate begin!

Thrifty Thursdays~ You can check in on this day to see what kind of project I’ve found or created to share with you. Repurposed, upcylced, DIY’d, and such!

Funtastic Fridays~ Great ideas for family, kids, and date night activities.

Spirit Food Saturdays~ A little devotional to whined down your week and pick you up!

So, for now, here is a cute baby picture!

Until we meet again,

Emily Anna

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Welcome… uh me!

Well hello there. Thanks for stopping by “For Mommies Sake”. I certainly hope you are enjoying your day!

I’d like to start off by telling you a little about me. So, here goes.

I am Emily Anna! A wife and new mommy from the North Central US. Yeah, that means I get to deal with/enjoy  winter. I have an awesome husband (Jacob) whom I am blessed to get to see for the better part of everyday because he works from home. We’ve recently had our first child (of hopefully a small herd). Our little Madeline is 9 months old today! And that’s Madeline with a long i, just the way it’s spelled. 😉

My goal with this blog is to share some ideas and project and some encouraging words.

But first, I’d love to hear about you! Leave a comment.

Until we meet again,
Emily Anna

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