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Control Vs. Protection


This is an interesting conversation. It brings up the question of control versus protection. Are using parental controls really being controlling or is it merely protecting your child from content that you don’t want them to have free reign over?

Control: dictation, “my way or the highway”, Making up rules and regulations out of thin air with no explanation or reasoning.

Protection: having rules and guidelines and explaining why they are in place. Keeping your children out of poor situations so they aren’t tempted.

There will come a time in their life when they will have to deal with temptation. But, if we do our jobs as parents, they will have been trained in the way they should go and they’ll stick to it (that’s biblical people).

“Because I said so”… not a valid response, unless of coarse you would like your children to rebel.


Whatcha Think?

Until we meet again,
Emily Anna


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Whatcha Think? Wednesday

Last night my Mr and I watched the movie Bridesmaids. Funny!

In the film there is one bridesmaid who is complaining about her children. They disrespect her and swear at her. She then acts surprised by their behavior. As if she has had no control over the shaping of their lives.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I understand that it’s “just a movie” and things in movies are exaggerated for comedic effect.

However this exaggeration is played out all to often in real life. It seems for some parents, once the diapers are off and the kids are in school, parenting stops. But, if the parents aren’t raising their children then who is left to influence them? Movies, Tv, music, other kids? It certainly isn’t the teachers job to raise your kids. Educate them in specific subjects, yes. But teach them respect, and morals? I think not. Teachers should be receiving respect which has been instilled by parents.

It is our responsibility as parents to protect and guide our children.
Teach them honor one another.

So, whatcha think?
How do you guide the kids in your life?
What kind of example do you set?

Until we meet again,
Emily Anna


For great parenting resources, check this out!


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Whatcha Think? Wednesday

Saving money. Doesn’t that sound nice? I used to be a super spender when I was single. I just blew it all on things I didn’t need. Impulse buys on clothes and shoes and dropped a ton on bad habits.

Once my Mr and i got engaged I started handing him my paychecks. I told him to pay my bills and then give me what I could spend. Now, I have come a loooonnnnggg way from my “hole in the pocket” days.

Today I thought I’d share a few money saving ideas.

Consignment Stores. Not all of them are great, but if you take the time to find ’em, they can be awesome! There is one store in my area that is specifically children’s and maternity. One of my favorite things about it is every couple of week that have a Quarter sale. It’s all the stuff they didn’t approve to consign. Some of the items are missing a button or just need to be washed and they’re only  25 cents!

Here are some ideas a found on a website called Feed the Pig.

Make up:
Discover that a color that looked great on you at the store looks not-great everywhere else? Have a barely-used makeup swap party with good friends.

Organize a “home spa” day with your friends. You can swap polish colors, give messages and sip martinis for next to nothing!


What are some of your favorite ways to save big?

Until we meet again,
Emily Anna

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Hmm. Well, I was all inspired this morning to write about my Top 5 Benefits of Having a Child.  I was going to do so during morning nap time after my shower. However, morning nap time didn’t even last through my shower. I would go so far as to say it didn’t really happen at all. So, now my little peanut is up and it’s time to eat. We’ve been teaching Madeline how to sign and it’s been great. She knows please, more, eat, and all done. She seemed to forget her signing and felt that going with screaming was a good idea for her early lunch today. Mommy took a lot of deep breaths.

That smile, melts me.

Top 5 Things I’ve Gained From Mommie-ness:

#1~ Patience.
See above story. =)

#2~ Creativity.
Thing to do instead of saying “NO” all…the…time.
Making toys because they can be stupid expensive.
Activities while Mommy types her blog.

#3~ Pride.
Every Mommy thinks they have the cutest, smartest baby.
But, mine really is. 😉

#4~ A greater appreciation for my Mr.
His encouragement, hugs, and extra set of hands are sooooo helpful.

#5~ More love then I could ever imagine.
Who knew you could love someone so much, so fast. It took less than a                    second for me to fall head over heels for my little lady. And her huge little              hugs, snuggles, giggles and kisses mean the world to me.

What have you gained from the children in your life?

Until we meet again,
Emily Anna

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Whatcha Think? Wednesday

Do you have a pet? Dog, cat, bird, fish, snake, rat? Anything? Well if you do you are among the 62% of US households that do.  That’s 72.9 million homes.  Sheesh!

Now from those 72.9 million homes it is estimated that $50.84 billion will be spent on their pets. Yep, billion. I think I just pooped. That includes food, vet care, grooming, and actual purchase.

It’s been stated that it would take $30 billion yearly to solve world hunger. This money would be spent on re-launching agriculture every year.  A “teach a man to fish” kind of solution.


I believe we live in an overly privileged, overly comfortable society as it is. Why not cut down a little on the “pet-icures” and give a little. As a pet owner myself I know the enjoyment that comes from our furry, scaled, and feathered friends. My point isn’t “don’t have pets” (in a grumpy old man voice) , it’s don’t spend so dang much on them.


Whatcha Think?

Until we meet again,
Emily Anna


Pet facts
Hunger facts

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Cosmetics, they’re safe right? You know, all the shampoos, lotions, and potions you use on yourself and on your children. If it says it’s safe for baby then it must be, right? Sadly, Nope.

According to The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

“Major loopholes in U.S. federal law allow the $50 billion cosmetics industry to put unlimited amounts of chemicals into personal care products with no required testing, no monitoring of health effects and inadequate labeling requirements. In fact, cosmetics are among the least-regulated products on the market. ”

There is a particular list of ingredients, called the Toxic Twelve, that are in all kinds of products that you put on and in your bodies everyday.  Propylene glycol is on the list. It can be found in many lotions and conditioners. It can also be found as the main ingredient in anti-freeze. Ever read the warning label on anti-freeze?

 May cause birth defects huh?

You may say, “Well that’s if you swallow a lot,  I only use a little lotion.”
A little bit here and a little bit there over a lifetime can cause major problem.

For the majority of women who have breast cancer it occurs in the left breast.
The thoughts then, is that as most of us are right-handed and the we APPLY UNDER-ARM DEODORIZER more generously under the left arm, with a smaller amount being applied under the right arm due to lesser strength in our left arms.  Aluminium Hydroxide (deodorant main compound) was the material thought to be the possible cancer provoking substance.

Do your own research and check your products. The good news is, there are safe alternatives out there!

Isn’t paying a little more for body wash better than paying for cancer?

Until we meet again,

Emily Anna

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